I am Jawahar Prasad, my friends and colleagues call me JP.

I got my first experience with a monochrome computer when I was 11. Around 1994, I visited a computer institute where a few of my friends were enjoying a game named “Prince of Persia”, a very popular computer game of those times. I fell in love with the graphics, the keyboard, the mouse which was part of the tv-like system called “computer” and that was my life-changing moment which led to what I’m now. My first computer program was in “GW Basic” on MS-DOS operating system, then moved to Windows 3.1, Q-Basic, Dbase, Foxpro, C, Oracle, etc., and then Internet, HTML in 1998. I was passionate about game design, 3d animations when I got hands-on experience with Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator & 3DS Max in 2000.

In my high school, my school authorities made me responsible for setting up the school computer network. During my engineering, I led & developed various applications for automation of conference registrations, department website, etc.,

I currently work in a billion-dollar startup company in India. Previously, I worked in various internet-based companies including Yahoo!, Flipkart, Amazon. I also co-founded Quicko Technosoft Labs(Currently Whatfix!). Some of my creations were W3Optimizer.com & Expertsforge.com.

I love food, especially hot Indian dishes preferably marinated chicken and spicy home-cooked biryani. Visiting places along with my family and learning about the culture has been my interest lately and has been an exciting experience so far.

My wife Vidhya Prasad has a lot of love for history & fashion. She was actively involved in designing and selling high fashion accessories & handbags.

I have a son Manav, trying to outsmart me & so far successful & a daughter, Nyra. 😃

In this blog, I will share my experiences and learnings in leadership, technology & building systems for scale.