These are my guiding thoughts & principles that I strive to live up to & inspire in others every day. It will help you understand my leadership style, my aspirations & how to work with me better. I believe that these principles will be the most effective way to lead my life and will have a positive impact on those around me.

I lead by

  • Earning credibility and trust through transparency & delivering what was promised.
  • Creating a cohesive, informal, fun-filled & collaborative environment.
  • Recognizing & celebrating the success of my team big or small.
  • Timely coaching on what you could have done better & I will appreciate you for a job well done.
  • Taking decisions quickly and acting on them – strong bias for action.
  • Empowering & delegating decisions appropriate to the level of responsibility develops future leaders. I won’t micromanage after delegating; I will, however, trust, verify, and critique but not criticize a delegated decision.

I Value

  • Honesty: I will tell the truth and I expect others to tell the truth timely and accurately.
  • Transparency: I will exhibit openness in good and bad times and expect my team to do the same.
  • Zeal: Solving challenges with high passion and energy.
  • Humility: I’m learning every day from success & failures. I seek to learn from others and strive to be better than yesterday.

What I expect from my team members

  • Always reliable: Be constantly reliable day in and day out. I will count on you to get the job done, meet deadlines, keep up your word and provide consistent quality work. With excellent performance, organization, and follow-through on tasks, develop positive work relationships with team members and keep the team on track.
  • Communicate with confidence & respect: Communicate your ideas honestly and clearly and don’t shy away from speaking up and speaking often. Show respect for the views and opinions of others on the team & form your reply with care and forethought.
  • Do more than asked: While getting the work done and doing your fair share is expected, know that taking risks, stepping outside your comfort zones, and coming up with creative ideas is what it’ll take to get ahead. Take on more responsibilities, extra initiative, be pro-active, do your best & take pride in it. Don’t wait to be told and deliver without follow-ups.
  • Display genuine commitment: Spend time to make positive work relationships with other team members a priority and display a genuine passion and commitment towards the team. Come to work with the commitment of giving it 110% and expect others on the team to do the same.
  • Ownership: You break boundaries & go beyond to get things done. You don’t say “that’s not my job”.
  • Feedback: I’m just human & error-prone. Give me feedback!