Two effective decision making micro frameworks you can use every day

Two effective decision making micro-frameworks you can use every day

As a leader, you might have to make multiple decisions every day. Some are easy decisions and some are hard that might consume more time & resources. A right & a quick decision is what differentiates an effective leader from an ineffective one. You can use the below micro-frameworks to make day-to-day decisions quickly.

Decision making micro-framework 1
  • Will the decision you are about to make impact your company positively?
  • Will the decision you are about to make impact your team positively?
  • If the answer is “Yes” to both the questions, make the decision.
Decision making micro-framework 2
  • Will the decision you are about to make(even if it is not the best) improve the product/process that’s already in place?
  • If the answer is “Yes”, make the decision.


Don’t we need a detailed data analysis before taking any decision?
While complex decision-making requires detailed data analysis & multiple stakeholder alignment, multiple day-to-day decisions can be quickly taken based on the minimal data available using the micro-frameworks listed above.

What if something goes wrong with the decision that was taken?
Fix it, alter the decision, and move forward. The ROI(or positive impact) of all collective decisions taken quickly is more than the delayed decisions.

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